Technology Checklist


In order to see current and upcoming assignments and to check your grades, you will
need to be able to access PowerSchool. The Technology Checklist you received in
the mail has your username and password on it. Returning students, your login
information is the same as last year. Please keep that information somewhere safe, as
you will need it repeatedly throughout the school year. You will access PowerSchool
by visiting this link:

Your parents will access PowerSchool using the same address, but will need to use their
user name and password, which is included in the July mailing.
Questions? Contact Ms. Snyder: 736.2101 /
or Mrs. Durbin: 736.2188 /

Checkbox Access PowerSchool by visiting this link:
You can also access PowerSchool by visiting the student portal and choosing the “PowerSchool”

Checkbox Login to PowerSchool using your username and password found on the Technology Checklist
that you received in the mail. From the Trinity Links menu, find your schedule and book list. You
or your parents should print a copy or bring an electronic device to access your schedule/book list on Book Day.

Checkbox Ask your parents to complete their signup process, shown on the Parent To-Do list that was
received in the mail. There is written documentation to explain the process, and also a video tutorial.


Rockspace is Trinity’s online curriculum — it provides you with online resources for
individual classes. Every teacher maintains a presence on Rockspace. Some will require
you to access them daily, while others might utilize it less frequently. Handouts, class notes,
links to study guides or websites, practice quizzes, surveys, and assignment submissions
are all part of Rockspace.

The Technology Checklist you received in the mail has your Rockspace user name and
password on it. Returning students, your login information is the same as last year.
Questions? Contact Mr. Payne: 736.2126 /

Checkbox Access Rockspace by following this link. You can also access it from the student portal
or from Trinity’s website under Students Resources.

Checkbox Login to Rockspace using your Rockspace username and password, found on the Technology
Checklist you received in the mail.

Checkbox Follow your teachers’ instructions for using Rockspace on the first day of classes. You will be able
to access assignments and other class resources at any time, whether you’re on campus or not.

Office 365

Office 365 gives you access to your student email, cloud storage, and Office web apps. Make
sure you know how to sign in and access both your email and your OneDrive. You will use your
student email account to communicate with your teachers and classmates. You will use OneDrive
to store all of your school-related documents and files. You will also use it to access Office web apps,
including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more. You can also download and
install the full version of Microsoft Office on up to five computers and five mobile devices.

The Technology Checklist that you received in the mail has your Office 365 user name and password on it.
Returning students, please note that your password for Office 365 has changed.

Questions? Contact Mr. Payne: 736.2126 /

Checkbox Visit the student portal:

Checkbox Access your student email by choosing the “Outlook” icon. You will use your student email account
to communicate with your teachers and classmates. Familiarize yourself with Outlook.

Checkbox Explore your cloud storage and Office web apps by choosing the “OneDrive Pro” icon. Your user
name and password are in the Technology Checklist letter that was mailed home. You will use OneDrive
to store all of your documents and files. Familiarize yourself with OneDrive and the Office web apps.


Are you a returning student? If you have already registered and used your device at
Trinity, you don’t need to do anything further until you return to campus. If you are
a new student, or if you are a returning student with a new device that has not been
registered before, you will need to register your device.
Questions? Contact Mr. Payne: 736.2126 /

Checkbox Gather the following information for each device you would like to use at Trinity:
the brand, model, serial number, and the MAC address. Can’t figure out the serial number
and/or MAC address for your device? Don’t panic. Check out this helpful resource.

Checkbox Register each wireless device you would like to use at Trinity — smartphones, tablets, laptops
and more. Directions for registering can be found here.

Checkbox Bring your device with you to school in August, connect to Student Wireless,
and use your Trinity email address and password (if prompted) to join the wireless network.