Finding Your Device’s Serial Number

There are many types of devices out there, and each one is just a little bit different. While we can’t provide the information for each and every device out there, these are the most common — odds are good that one of them will be very close, if not identical, to the process you need to follow. If you absolutely cannot find the information necessary, you will need to do this on book day. It’s much faster if you register your device(s) yourself beforehand.


Laptops (non-Apple)

Your laptop should have a manufacturer label on the bottom of the case containing the serial number. Typically the serial number will have “S/N” before the start of the number. Please note that the laptop’s serial number is different than the Windows product key — they are not the same thing. Some manufacturers do not list the serial number on a label at all, but instead rely on a piece of software to display the serial number. For example, HP uses the HP Support Assistant to show you the serial number. If you’re not sure, do a web search for the make and model of your laptop followed by “serial number” (e.g. search for “hp pavilion x360 serial number”) — usually one of the top results from the manufacturer will give the information you need. Here is an example of what a serial number label might look like:

Laptop Serial Number Label


Laptops (Apple)

On Apple laptops, such as the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, you can find the serial number in the “About This Mac” menu. Full instructions from Apple can be found here. Here is an example of what the screen looks like:

About This Mac


iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad)

On iOS devices, such as the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, you can find the serial number by tapping “Settings”, “General”, and “About”. The serial number will be displayed on that screen. Here is an example of what the screen looks like:

iOS About Screen


Android (tablets and phones)

Android devices have the widest variation, as each manufacturer does things just a little bit differently. Typically, you can find the serial number by going to “System Settings”, choosing “About Phone” or “About Tablet”, and then choosing “Status”. On Android devices made by Samsung, it’s under “System Settings”, “Device Information”, and “Status”. Depending on your device, you might not even see anything called “Serial Number” listed. If there is no serial number, or if you can’t find it, use the “IMEI” number. That’s another type of serial number, and will work just fine.



The serial number for your Chromebook is found on a label on the bottom of the Chromebook, underneath the barcode. The serial number may be up to 22 characters long, depending on the manufacturer.